Pastoral Letter

Brother Charles Simpson writes a monthly Pastoral Letter, and just like One-To-One Magazine, it is freely sent to those on our mailing list. These timely and personal letters are fresh teachings that offer encouragement and reflect what God is currently speaking to Brother Charles’ heart. Quite often we receive more feedback from this media than from anything else we publish. We have archived these letters here for our online readers. We trust they will minister to you.

Ride the Wild Surf!

Publication:Pastoral Letter, September 2018
Dear Friend in Christ:
I pray you had a wonderful Summer! Thank you so much for your friendship, support, and prayer for this ministry. This month, I want to share something with […]

Faith and Doubt

Publication:Pastoral Letter, August 2018

Dear Friend in Christ:
I pray you are having a blessed Summer! I believe that life is defined by our response to God, His Word, and His Son, Jesus. We are accountable […]

I Don’t Blame You

Publication:Pastoral Letter, July 2018
Dear Friend in Christ:
We live in times when it seems that anger and vindictiveness are becoming social norms in many places. Its affecting families, friendships, neighbors, and even churches. […]

In the Spirit

Publication:Pastoral Letter, June 2018
Dear Friend in Christ:
Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Apostle Paul so often began his letters with that same greeting. As I see […]

Good or Evil

Publication:Pastoral Letter, May 2018
Dear Friend in Christ:
I enjoy tending the shrubbery in our back yard which blooms and brings beauty into our lives. The shrubbery is good and beautiful. But I have noticed that […]

Involved or Inert

Publication:Pastoral Letter, April 2018
Dear Friend in Christ,
I pray this letter finds you well and enjoying a blessed Springtime! I believe this Pastoral Letter is especially timely, and trust you will find it inspiring. Let […]