Conquista Cristiana

Conquista Cristiana is the Spanish-language magazine that features Charles Simpson and other One-to-One authors. Pastor Hugo Zelaya, a well-known Bible teacher and church planter in Latin America, directs this magazine. From its centrally located headquarters in Costa Rica, Conquista Cristiana’s distribution reaches throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as other nations where Spanish is spoken.


Celebrating 40 Years of Publishing!

Conquista Cristiana Magazine began as Vino Nuevo Magazine, which was first published in May/June 1975. The Holy Spirit had put in place all the elements necessary for its preparation. Brother Charles Simpson visited early that year and sowed a seed in our minds about publishing New Wine Magazine in Spanish.

We were blessed to have a man in our church with vast experience in publishing; I had experience as a translator; and, we had a mailing list with 12,000 names and addresses of pastors and leaders in all countries of Latin America, Spain, and individuals in other parts of the world.

Four months later, we were mailing Vino Nuevo practically all over the world and a few years later our mailing list grew to 15,000 copies. As with New Wine, Vino Nuevo came right behind the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit in the Spanish-speaking world. Many new churches sprung up pastored by laymen without much biblical preparation. Vino Nuevo filled a void in the Hispanic world with sound teaching principles that had been forgotten or had been neglected for many years.

In a time of outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival in the national churches, Vino Nuevo presented teaching principles that came to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Latin American Christians, mostly pastors and leaders both in and out of a denomination. Vino Nuevo was a resounding success since its inception, as the hundreds of letters received celebrating its beginning testify.

After 72 bimonthly issues and following suit with New Wine, Vino Nuevo also changed its name to Conquista Cristiana with the July/August 1987 release. We have focused more on current issues in Christian Latin America and opened to the ministry of other Spanish-language writers. Conquista Cristiana was printed until November/December 2009. From 2010 to this date it has been produced every three months and uploaded on our webpage

This year will mark 40 years of uninterrupted publication of our magazine. The printed magazine was sent without charge. Its cost has been supplied by voluntary offerings, but mainly by the generosity of Charles Simpson Ministries. 40 years is a long time. I do not know of any publication, other than denominational or with a particular bias, that has survived this long. We thank God for making us part of this effort!

Pastor Hugo Zelaya, Director


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