Celebrating 60 Years of Ministry!

Looking back over six decades, how can we sum up our history, and what is our direction for the future? How can we best serve you through inspiration and information; to stand with you as you serve God in this generation?

We believe our mission is best expressed this way: “Embracing the truth with our lives.” In an age of confusion and challenge, there is a great hunger for clarity and courage. We believe that we are called to stay rooted in the Bible, to listen to God’s Holy Spirit, and prophetically declare and demonstrate what we hear Him saying today.

We believe that truth is more than a concept or a philosophy. We believe that truth is a Person named Jesus Christ, and that by relating to Him in daily fellowship, we will better know how to relate to each other and the world around us.

We are committed to the foundation of truth revealed in God’s Holy Word, the Bible, and in classic, proven Christian theology. We are committed to people, including you and those with whom you are in relationship and community. We know that when the Sovereign God is speaking and moving, it’s always relevant and noteworthy. We want to journey with you as we hear together what He is saying, and do what He is calling us all to do.

We are more passionate about being actually correct than about being politically correct. Our call is not to popularity, but to faithfulness. Staying true to the truth can be costly, but to betray the truth brings unbearable consequence.

As our history has shown, we are very willing to change our methods, but never our message. Our commitment is to continually update and add to the most effective means of communicating with you and the thousands worldwide who utilize the equipping resources we provide every month.

Our story is not yet complete. The mission is not yet accomplished. We invite you to be a part of our journey; we would love to be a part of yours. On these webpages, you will find a distillation of thousands of written articles, audio and video resources, and wisdom from across the past six decades.

But this is no museum. It’s a storehouse for those who are willing to courageously carry out precious seed and plant it out into every sphere of life. Our prayer remains, “Let Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

We believe that where truth comes, light comes. Captives are released. Oppression ceases. Liberty is loosed. Sick are healed. Blind eyes see. Joy replaces mourning. Hope overwhelms despair. Strength sweeps away weariness. Wisdom overcomes foolishness. Mercy triumphs over judgement. Hearts change. Families change. Churches change. Communities and nations change. New songs are sung. This is the kingdom of God: righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit! Even when we encounter challenge, opposition, or hardship because of making and declaring right choices, we know that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ. And we believe that His covenant love can flow, not only into us, but through us to others. You see, for us, this is personal. We have a personal Savior who calls us personally. His Great Commission is to each one of us, personally: “Go preach the Gospel and make disciples, and I will be with you always.”