New Wine

As a pioneering publication for what became known as the Charismatic Renewal, this magazine was a potent, influential, and beneficial resource dedicated to Christian Growth. Charles Simpson wrote and served alongside other notable Bible teachers on the Board of Directors for New Wine, including Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Bob Mumford and Derek Prince. The magazine became noted for its seminal teaching on prayer, spiritual warfare, worship, discipleship, family life, church growth and structure, and many other emphases that were picked up by a broad diversity of streams within the Charismatic movement and larger body of Christ. At its peak, New Wine was being sent to more than 140 nations, and had many spin-off publications, translations, audio and video products, and live events. New Wine was published from 1969-1986 and a new magazine was launched in early 1987 called Christian Conquest, under the new moniker of Charles Simpson Ministries & CSM Publishing.