Pastoral Letter

Brother Charles Simpson writes a monthly Pastoral Letter, and just like One-To-One Magazine, it is freely sent to those on our mailing list. These timely and personal letters are fresh teachings that offer encouragement and reflect what God is currently speaking to Brother Charles’ heart. Quite often we receive more feedback from this media than from anything else we publish. We have archived these letters here for our online readers. We trust they will minister to you.

The Power of Humility

Publication:Pastoral Letter, January 2021

Happy New Year! From all of us at CSM, we thank you for your love, faithfulness, and prayers in 2020. We pray the Lord will sustain, guide, and refresh […]

A New Song For A New Day

Publication:Pastoral Letter, December 2020

Dear Friend in Christ:
Grace and peace to you in the Name of the Lord! We are nearing the end of one of the most tumultuous and challenging years in recent history. […]

The Unfolding Mysteries of the Kingdom of God

Publication:Pastoral Letter, November 2020

Dear Friend in Christ:
We can know God through Jesus Christ, but the mystery of God and godliness remains. The new
birth is wonderful, but it is only the beginning of our journey […]

One Gave Thanks

Publication:Pastoral Letter, October 2020

Dear Friend in Christ,

In 1986, our friend Don Moen recorded a beautiful song that was released by Integrity’s Hosanna Music entitled, Give Thanks.” That song has been heard and appreciated […]

Walk In Light

Publication:Pastoral Letter, September 2020

Dear Friend in Christ:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! Last month, I wrote to you about “Light for Life.” It doesn’t take a prophet to see the darkness, […]

Light for Life

Publication:Pastoral Letter, August 2020

Dear Friend in Christ:
In these difficult times, we are praying for you, and continuing to do our best to stay in contact with you and to share what we hear the […]