Pastoral Letter

Brother Charles Simpson writes a monthly Pastoral Letter, and just like One-To-One Magazine, it is freely sent to those on our mailing list. These timely and personal letters are fresh teachings that offer encouragement and reflect what God is currently speaking to Brother Charles’ heart. Quite often we receive more feedback from this media than from anything else we publish. We have archived these letters here for our online readers. We trust they will minister to you.

Lessons From Controversy and Chaos

Publication:Pastoral Letter, July 2020

Dear Friend in Christ:
These are indeed serious times that present us with great controversy and too much chaos. How we
respond to events in our nation and world is very important. Trusting […]


Publication:Pastoral Letter, June 2020

Dear Friend in Christ:
I pray that this letter finds you well and at peace. No doubt, this year has been filled with challenges for all of us, and we are only […]

Principles For Crisis

Publication:Pastoral Letter, May 2020
Dear Friend in Christ:
I pray you are well and at peace. During this season of global crisis, we all need perspective and guidance; that is what I have been seeking from […]

Our Refuge

Publication:Pastoral Letter, April 2020
Dear Friend in Christ:
I often open my letters with a greeting: “I pray this letter finds you well.” I mean it sincerely every time, but I wish I could convey the […]

Accusation, Vindication, and Promotion

Publication:Pastoral Letter, March 2020
Dear Friends,

We live in a culture of accusation; false charges intended to bring harm and destruction to others.  This problem has existed since the Garden of Eden when the enemy of […]

When In Rome

Publication:Pastoral Letter, February 2020
Dear Friend in Christ:
We pray all is well with you and yours thus far in 2020. In this letter, I want to give some insights about how we can be bright […]