Into the World

Publication: Pastoral Letter, September 2006 Dear Friend in Christ: I grew up in a small, South Alabama community that could be grouped in several ways: White or black, wealthy or not, going to [...]

By charles-simpsonSeptember 1, 2006

What Now?

Publication: Pastoral Letter, August 2006 Dear Friend in Christ: On behalf of the whole CSM team, I want to share with you greetings and gratitude for your friendship and support. In this letter [...]

By stephen-simpsonAugust 1, 2006

Through the Storms

by Stephen Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Summer 2006 TRUSTING IN THE LORD AND WORKING TOGETHER CAUSE FAMILIES TO OVERCOME TRIALS One rule for writers is, "Write what you know." I seem to be [...]

By stephen-simpsonJuly 1, 2006

Hurricane Update: New Jersey Church Offers Katrina Relief

by John Feaver Publication: One-to-One, Summer 2006 ... How members of Long Branch Covenant Church have made a difference along the Gulf Coast Sheets of rain and streaks of lightning greeted ou [...]

By john-feaverJuly 1, 2006

The Family Multiplies

by Charles Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Summer 2006   Churches rejoice in additions; God rejoices in multiplication. While churches to seek to add members, the non-Christian world--especia [...]

By charles-simpsonJuly 1, 2006

Poland: The Eagle Flies Again

by Jonathan Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Summer 2006   A FIRST HAND REPORT OF ECONOMIC REVIVAL AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SHEPHERDS The “White Eagle” is Poland's oldest national symbol datin [...]

By jonathan-simpsonJuly 1, 2006

Revolutionary Reformation in Mission

by Gary Henley Publication: One-to-One, Summer 2006 ... HOW TO REACH “THE UNREACHABLE” BY GETTING OUT OF THE BOX We are privileged to live in the most prolific hour of the "mission" of Jesu [...]

By gary-henleyJuly 1, 2006

Parables for the Hearing Impaired

Publication: Pastoral Letter, July 2006 Dear Friend in Christ: My Dad was hearing impaired_all of his life. He was born with an inactive nerve in one ear. When he wanted to go to sleep, he simp [...]

By charles-simpsonJuly 1, 2006

The Road to Unity

Publication: Pastoral Letter, June 2006 Dear Friend in Christ: I am writing this letter from Houston, Texas, where my wife, Carolyn, is a patient at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. She is currentl [...]

By charles-simpsonJune 1, 2006

Grandma Lives at the Airport

Publication: Pastoral Letter, May 2006 Dear Friend in Christ: My sister, Carolyn Rodman, recently sent me a quote from a six-year-old who said, “My grandmother lives at the airport. When we w [...]

By charles-simpsonMay 1, 2006

The Power of Reconciliation

by Charles Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Spring 2006 HOW TO OVERCOME ALIENATION AND BRING HEALING TO INDIVIDUALS…AND TO THE NATIONS The need for reconciliation applies wherever alienation [...]

By charles-simpsonApril 1, 2006

Graduating for the Glorious Clause

by Jonathan Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Spring 2006 IT’S NOT JUST WHAT YOU LEARN, BUT WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU LEARN! As we approach this time of year, we look ahead to graduation seaso [...]

By jonathan-simpsonApril 1, 2006