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Charles Simpson Blog

Read the latest blog posts from CSM founder, author, Bible teacher and pastor, Brother Charles Simpson. In 2015, Brother Charles celebrated 60 years in ministry and continues to serve as Editor-in-Chief of One-to-One Magazine as well as minister in the United States and throughout the world.

Silent Voices

June 13, 2017 Categories: Blog Charles Simpson Blog

We are in a critical time as many are making strong and even violent efforts to silence voices that differ with the secular and politically correct positions on a host of issues. Conservative Christians are in the cross-hairs. Intimidation of all kinds are aimed at those who dare to speak. [...]

Seven Questions and Seven Answers

July 18, 2016 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog

Matt 16: 24--27 "Follow Me" Seven Questions 1) If salvation comes by repenting, believing and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord, what does it mean to "believe"? Is it a creed or does it mean to act upon His Word? 2) Jesus walked the Earth 2000 years ago; is He here. [...]


April 25, 2016 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog

Jerry Lee Lewis was a renegade rock and roller.  In 1957, he released “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.”  It became a big hit.  Lewis did not intend to be prophetic in a spiritual sense, but he was.  There is a “whole lotta shakin' going on” now.  Sadly, the shaking has. [...]

Do You Love Me?

February 12, 2016 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog

An elderly couple were lying in bed, the old gentleman was about asleep when his wife asked, “Do you love me? “I love you,” he replied, half asleep. “You used to hug me,” she said.  He groaned, rolled over and hugged her. He was nearly asleep again when she said,. [...]

Real Leadership

The all-time greatest leader is Jesus, without question.  We who follow Him need to take another look at how He led and created other great leaders.  He prayed, He chose, He demonstrated, He taught, and He imparted through relationships.  Then He commanded them to reproduce what He had done.  The. [...]

Why We Fail to Understand Islamic Terrorism

December 8, 2015 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog Worldview & Culture

Lessons We Can Learn From San Bernadino, Paris, Boston, Beirut, and History It should be clear by now that most of the population, certainly in the Western world, still does not understand Islamic terrorism. One reason I believe that is the great variety of assessments that I read and hear. [...]

Final Instructions

November 30, 2015 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog

"Final Instructions" is a message taken from Second Timothy chapters 3 and 4 and is thought to be Paul's last letter. It is written to his spiritual son, Timothy. As his final instructions, it represents Paul's primary concerns and what he wants to pass on both to Timothy and to us (2. [...]

Where is Your Boat?

November 24, 2015 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog Spiritual Growth

Today, I had lunch with my friend Mike Coleman.  In the course of our conversation, he told me about attending the local mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, where the guest speaker was the founder of a very successful company, Two Men and a Truck.  The speaker used a metaphor that has been. [...]

How Political Correctness Harms Future Generations

October 28, 2015 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog Worldview & Culture

There is a current trend in some parts of our contemporary culture to re-examine history and its heroes in the light of current, politically correct “standards.” In some cases, advocates of their effort propose to banish these heroes or so ridicule them that it becomes the result. George Washington, Thomas. [...]

Pearl of Great Price

October 18, 2015 Categories: Charles Simpson Blog Relationships Spiritual Growth

Dear Friend in Christ, What is the value of a person? Generally speaking, our society values life very highly (except in the case of the unborn). We will go to any expense in order to rescue a lost person, or to punish the taking of an innocent life. Jesus taught. [...]