Before We Proceed

Publication: Pastoral Letter, September 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: Time marches on, but before we march with it, a pause would appropriate, to ask ourselves, “Where are we marching?” Rem [...]

By charles-simpsonSeptember 1, 2011

When Dumb Dogs Do Not Bark

Publication: Pastoral Letter, August 2011 Dear Friend in Christ, This month's letter has an unusual title, but I believe the topic is very relevant and timely for us to consider: How is it that [...]

By charles-simpsonAugust 1, 2011

The Unshakeable Kingdom

Publication: Pastoral Letter, July 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: I pray all is well with you thus far this summer! This is the third and final letter in the series “Foundations for the Future” [...]

By charles-simpsonJuly 1, 2011

The Glorious Church

Publication: Pastoral Letter, June 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: Previously, I have written to you about God’s covenant faithfulness. This month, I want to look at “The Glorious Church”, and [...]

By charles-simpsonJune 1, 2011

Foundations for the Future

Publication: Pastoral Letter, May 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: What is it that we have built our lives upon? What are our core values that motivate us regardless of circumstance? Should there be [...]

By charles-simpsonMay 1, 2011

Translating Worldview into World Mission

by Stephen Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Spring 2011 "When you look at the world / What is it that you see People find all kinds of things / That bring them to their knees" - from "When I Lo [...]

By stephen-simpsonApril 1, 2011

Movements in Tents

by Charles Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Spring 2011 FOLLOWING JESUS IN OUR DAY REQUIRES FLEXIBILITY AND MOBILITY. ARE YOU READY? Is Christianity a movement? Some of it is. Is it moving wher [...]

By charles-simpsonApril 1, 2011

Apples of Gold

by Stephen Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Spring 2011 WHAT WE SAY TO OUR CHILDREN IS A LIFE AND DEATH MATTER Every night for the past few weeks, I have sat clown and written a love note to my [...]

By stephen-simpsonApril 1, 2011

Apprehending Customer Service and What Comes with It

by Jonathan Simpson Publication: One-to-One, Spring 2011 Recently, as a frustrated consumer trying to get information, I found a customer service representative who wore a shirt that read: “Just [...]

By jonathan-simpsonApril 1, 2011

Lifting Leaders’ Hands

Publication: Pastoral Letter,April 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: A few weeks ago I had the privilege of installing a new pastor, Scott Lloyd, at the Worship Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The foll [...]

By charles-simpsonApril 1, 2011

The Wellspring of Liberty

Publication: Pastoral Letter, March 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: I ask you to please take the time to read this entire letter and join me in rededication to Spiritual Liberty in Jesus Christ. 2 C [...]

By charles-simpsonMarch 1, 2011

Fix the Factory!

Publication: Pastoral Letter, February 2011 Dear Friend in Christ: It doesn’t make any sense to complain about the product and ignore the factory that produces it. It is like throwing time and [...]

By charles-simpsonFebruary 1, 2011