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VICTORIA GRACE SIMPSON recently earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in International Studies with a Minor in Professional Writing from Spring Hill College. She also earned her certification to teach English as a Second Language in Italy.

Who to Follow

"People worth following are hard to follow." ~ Brent Moseley 2011 Camp of Champions I think often of this profound insight from my friend Brent. We learn best and most when we are challenged, when we face and overcome adversity, when we embrace and endure hardship in order to gain what is priceless. I have [...]

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Silent Voices

We are in a critical time as many are making strong and even violent efforts to silence voices that differ with the secular and politically correct positions on a host of issues. Conservative Christians are in the cross-hairs. Intimidation of all kinds are aimed at those who dare to speak out. Terrorism itself aims to [...]

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Your Testimony is Powerful

"Through Christ, God has given us the privilege and authority as apostles to tell Gentiles everywhere what God has done for them, so that they will believe and obey him, bringing glory to his name" (Romans 1:5 NLT). Anyone who is a follower of Jesus is called and commissioned to go and tell everyone everywhere [...]

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Stop Slavery Now

We are facing an urgent human rights crisis! Human trafficking, or modern slavery, exists in every state, and every sizable city…even in some small communities and rural areas. The victims are all around you, right now.  These are children and adults being forced into commercial sex or labor through coercion or fraud. It is vital [...]

Gatlinburg Update

REGARDING THE CSM CONFERENCE & THE RECENT GATLINBURG FIRE DISASTER ... As you know, we have been planning our annual Gatlinburg Leadership Conference for May 9-11, 2017 at the The Park Vista...a Doubletree Hotel. A catastrophic fire struck the region this week, killing 13 and injuring 85 people. We mourn with the wonderful people of [...]

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Giving Tuesday

Dear Friend in Christ: Many have heard about #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, but there is another day that has been especially designated as #GivingTuesday ... a global event fueled by social media and the power of collaboration. This annual celebration kicking off the giving season occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  [...]

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Bombings in the Middle East

According to CNN, at least 69 lives were taken in Lahore, Pakistan this past Easter Sunday after a bomb exploded in a public park. The bomb, intending to kill many Christians, also injured more than 341 men, women and children. This is a tragedy to not only the city of Lahore, but to Christians across [...]

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A Brief Look at Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an all too real and prominent issue in today’s society. We tend to have this preconceived notion that human trafficking only exists in third world countries where the citizens are undereducated and underprivileged. This is a grave misconception. Human trafficking is a real problem that occurs right here in the United States. [...]

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Spanning the length of the Tennessee/North Carolina border, the Smoky Mountains are home to some of the most undeniably beautiful sights in the Eastern United States. Nestled in the foothills of the Tennessee Smokies is Gatlinburg, Tennessee. CSM Publishing is fortunate to host an annual leadership conference in Gatlinburg, and this year we hope to [...]

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Do You Love Me?

An elderly couple were lying in bed, the old gentleman was about asleep when his wife asked, “Do you love me? “I love you,” he replied, half asleep. “You used to hug me,” she said.  He groaned, rolled over and hugged her. He was nearly asleep again when she said, “I know that his sounds [...]

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