Who to Follow

“People worth following are hard to follow.”
~ Brent Moseley
2011 Camp of Champions

I think often of this profound insight from my friend Brent. We learn best and most when we are challenged, when we face and overcome adversity, when we embrace and endure hardship in order to gain what is priceless. I have known, followed, and learned from some outstanding leaders. At some point, I was tempted to stop listening or following because I didn’t understand them, where they were going, or how they were taking me there.
Many times, the path seemed hard.

At the heart of my willingness to continue onward with each was trust: my trust in God’s Sovereign purpose and also the trust I placed in the hands of leaders who were already proven, credible, seasoned, and faithful. Trust WORTHY. And, I knew that they not only cared about the mission but they cared for me. Never commit yourself to someone who doesn’t possess these qualities; if you can’t trust, you can’t follow.

A great leader not only loves, but loves enough to challenge, coach, and even correct and rebuke. If we can remember their motivation and their trustworthiness, then we can receive what they are seeking to impart to us, even when it is unpleasant or tough to understand in the moment.

And, we must remember that leadership implies motion. If we are seeking to settle or to focus on other things, we may lose sight of the goal, and the leader who is taking us there. Following a great leader takes commitment, thick skin, an open mind, and a courageous heart. But the rewards are incalculably rich.

About the Author:

Victoria G. Simpson

VICTORIA GRACE SIMPSON recently earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in International Studies with a Minor in Professional Writing from Spring Hill College. She also earned her certification to teach English as a Second Language in Italy.