Silent Voices

We are in a critical time as many are making strong and even violent efforts to silence voices that differ with the secular and politically correct positions on a host of issues. Conservative Christians are in the cross-hairs.
Intimidation of all kinds are aimed at those who dare to speak out. Terrorism itself aims to destroy dissent.
Unfortunately, intimidation often succeeds. We must decide if we love truth more than approval and self interest. Too many Christians opt for silence!
Another issue is that we must stop fighting among ourselves. Far too often we do the devil’s work for him by attacking those who actually want the same freedom we desire.
It is past time for us to come to grips with truth in our own lives and our commitment to stand for it.
I urge you to evaluate how much we love the truth and our willingness to speak it regardless of cost. I urge us to pray that others will join us to be bold and ask the Holy Spirit to give us boldness and the wisdom to know how and when to speak out.(Acts 4:29)

About the Author:

Victoria G. Simpson

VICTORIA GRACE SIMPSON recently earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in International Studies with a Minor in Professional Writing from Spring Hill College. She also earned her certification to teach English as a Second Language in Italy.