Bombings in the Middle East

According to CNN, at least 69 lives were taken in Lahore, Pakistan this past Easter Sunday after a bomb exploded in a public park. The bomb, intending to kill many Christians, also injured more than 341 men, women and children. This is a tragedy to not only the city of Lahore, but to Christians across the world. There has been recent tension between the Christian and Muslim communities in Lahore. The terrorist group responsible for planning and executing the bombing has promised that this is not the last bombing. As a result of such admissions, several parks were closed to the public the Monday following the Easter Sunday tragedy.


The Easter Lahore bombing was not the only recent terrorist attack in the Middle East. There was an ISIS suicide bombing in an Iraq soccer stadium. Various media stations report that as a result of this stadium bombing, 41 men and women lost their lives while another 105 people were severely injured. The attack occurred just 30 miles from Iraq’s capital in the city of Iskanderiyah. Whereas the Pakistan bombing targeted Christians, the Iraq bombing apparently targeted Shiite militiamen.


CSM sends our thoughts and prayers to the families of those affected from the park and stadium bombings, as well as the countries of Pakistan and Iraq. Project Orange, one of the many projects CSM is involved in, focuses on persecuted Christians and situations just like these bombings. In order to raise awareness for persecuted Christians across the world, we first must bring it to the forefront of our conversations. Start talking. Start donating. Start praying. Start supporting.


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–By Isabella Martinez

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