What Now?



“Of His followers, Jesus said in John 10, ‘I know them, and they know me, and they listen to Me, and they follow Me.’ We listen and follow, not because we are dumb or blind, but because we have seen over and over again that He is faithful and true. We listen because His love lives in our hearts and the sound of His voice is a delight to our ears. In this relationship, we are lifted up to a higher place, high above our own thoughts and initiatives and ambitions and understandings…by His grace, He allows us to see into that which is unseeable by the natural eye and to hear that which the natural ear cannot perceive."-Stephen Simpson

With so many breaking news events, instability and uncertainty in the world today, it is vital for God’s people to understand the times in which we live and know how to respond--with action. A prophetic and encouraging wake-up call to make "storm preparations" for victory ahead.