2008 Leadership Conference: Complete Set



Enjoy great leaders sharing about spiritual sonship and fatherhood. You will hear from internationally know teachers and leaders such as Charles Simpson, Barney Coombs and Hugo Zelaya, as well as other great leaders, spiritual fathers, and spiritual sons and daughters.

9 MSG set includes:

MSG 1: “Praying to the Lord of the Harvest” by David Hoffman
MSG 2: “The Power of Identification” by Charles Simpson
MSG 3: “The Call to Brotherhood” by John Booty
MSG 4: Spiritual Fatherhood Panel – with Dan Wolfe, Barney Coombs, Jim Mcnally, Hugo Zelaya, and Dr. John Sullivan.
MSG 5: Spiritual Sons And Daughters Panel – with Stephen Simpson, Matt Brennan, Sean Mcnally, Lydia Heath, Will Duke, Angela Banks, Ray Banks, Dwayne Higgason
MSG 6: “Making Ministry To Youth A Top Priority” by Mark Hoffman
MSG 7: “Raising Spiritual Sons” by Barney Coombs
MSG 8: “The Affect of Fatherhood” by Charles Simpson
MSG 9: “Bringing Sons to Glory” by Glen Roachelle and “Fatherhood and Communion” by John Duke