The Preeminent Christ Series



The Preeminent Christ Message 1
This is a Christ exalting message based upon the book of Colossians. It discusses who He is, eternal, transcendent and head of the Church. He is eternal, that is before, above and beyond time. It urges a Christ centered life both in individuals and in the church. As members of the church, we are His Body – a continuation of His life and mission in the Earth.
Preeminent in the Church Message 2
This message is based upon Isaiah 11 and 61. In addition Brother Charles discusses Ephesians chapter 1 and Paul’s prayer for the church. The message is filled with stories, humor and why the Holy Spirit is given to us. He also discusses the danger of church meetings becoming theatre without moving us to our personal calling and mission.
Preeminent in Fellowship Message 3
Brother Charles discusses Luke 24:13-35 and the Emmaus Road disciples who were joined by Jesus unrecognized. These two men were filled with doubt and disappointment, then Jesus joined their journey and explained the scriptures to them. Finally they invited Him to stay with them and break bread together. As He blessed the bread they recognized Him. Brother Charles reveals how we can know Jesus as we fellowship around Him and His Word.