Time out with Coach



TIME OUT WITH COACH is an opportunity to de-stress, refresh and retool yourself with proven principles and truths. Charles Simpson, your seasoned “coach,” shares his personal experiences and stories along with biblical examples that will challenge and inspire you. Whether you are a corporate CEO, or a young person just beginning your career, take time out of your day to refuel in a one-to-one session with Coach.

CHARLES SIMPSON has served as corporate mediator and mentor to business
professionals and entrepreneurs. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for CSM and served on the board of directors for Integrity Media. Charles is the Senior Editor
of One-To-One Magazine and has traveled worldwide, speaking in a variety of venues
for more than 50 years.

This set includes ten 15-20 minutes sessions which are great for your work break or drive time.

Session 1: Control
Session 2: Character
Session 3: Courage
Session 4: Consistency
Session 5: Team
Session 6: Productivity
Session 7: Listening
Session 8: Perspective
Session 9: Authenticity
Session 10: Peace