The Journey



CAUTION: This message is intended for seekers, adventurers, pioneers, and will cause great discomfort for anyone seeking to settle down, quit, or to escape from the tests that produce testimonies.

Delivered at a Men’s Conference in Virginia, this series provides practical and inspiring leadership examples and principles that will equip you for the journey ahead. Charles Simpson draws lessons from the journeys of two imperfect men who became great leaders: Abraham and Moses. Discover how their walk relates to yours.

4 MSG set includes:

MSG 1: When Abraham was 75, the Lord called him on a life-changing 400-mile journey. Charles invites you to discover — as Abraham did — that God’s plan doesn’t leave you where you are but is always moving you forward into His purposes.

MSG 2: Continuing with Abraham’s journey, this message discusses the realities of Abraham’s life and the Sovereign God he served. Abraham’s journey did not happen “in church” but out in daily life, following the Lord.

MSG 3: As with Abraham, God’s purposes for Moses were worked out through a journey. In this message, Charles shares how God designed us as sojourners, preparing us for battle along the way.

MSG 4: Moses was tasked to lead two million people to a land of promise. Through the events of Moses’ journey, we can learn some of the “rules of the road.” This final message of the series provides equipping tools for walking a journey that glorifies God and builds successors.