Gimme Some Truth

Information without insight is trivia. Rhetoric without reality is virtual vapor. Who do you trust? To whom are you listening? Who are your associates in your daily life or online? What do you read? What do you watch? Who or what shapes your worldview?

These are vital life-and-death questions and choices. Many today seek out voices that simply validate their own ideas, preferences, or theories. We increasingly huddle in groups of people who simply parrot each other’s rhetoric. Outside views are not only rejected, but viciously attacked. John Lennon once famously sang, “All I want is the truth now, just gimme some truth now.” Sadly, he also tried in vain to imagine that there was no Heaven and no absolutes. Those two pursuits are inevitably in conflict. Either there is truth, or there is not.

What do you want; a lovely fantasy that can lead you to destruction or a painful truth that leads to healing? Too many right now are listening to lying voices, merely because the lies line up with preconceived preferences. Lies can be very comforting, at least for a little while. But they ultimately lead to calamity. Let me be clear: this is NOT a partisan political issue. Lies are lies no matter what outer label or color or banner they bear outwardly. Be careful! Seek truth, seek wisdom … don’t simply look for self-validation. Don’t feed on words that stoke your emotions and justify your rage. Avoid mob action or group think. Jesus said it this way: “Before you worry about anything or chase something else, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” My friend Caleb McAfee paraphrased it, “The top priority is to keep the top priority the top priority.”

One more thing: don’t attack others who are sincerely seeking truth. Pray for them, encourage them, love them, and give the Holy Spirit room to speak to them without you brow beating them or getting in God’s way. Some things to think about …

About the Author:

Stephen Simpson

STEPHEN SIMPSON is the Editor of One-to-One Magazine and the Director of CSM Publishing. In addition to publishing ministry, Stephen has served in leadership for churches and ministries in Costa Rica, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Michigan, as well as being the Senior Pastor of Covenant Church of Mobile (2004-2013). He continues to travel in ministry across North America and in other nations.