How to Find the Door

Publication: Pastoral Letter, July 2007 Dear Friend in Christ: Life is defined by the doors that we recognize and enter. Therefore, understanding the nature of doors is vital. So what is a “door?” I could simply characterize doors as entrance to opportunities, but I believe that doors are more than that. Doors are people who [...]

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The Spirit-Led Home

Publication: Pastoral Letter, June 2007 Dear Friend in Christ: I pray your summer is off to a good start. Let me thank my father, Charles Simpson, for asking me to write you this month about a word the Lord gave to me recently. While there are many spectacular and urgent news headlines that we read [...]

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His Eye Is on the Sparrow

Publication: Pastoral Letter, July 2002 Dear Friend in Christ: I pray that your summer is going well so far. This month, I wanted to share with you some thoughts about God’s love. I have tried to write this letter three times, but as I was writing it, something unusual happened that affected my understanding of [...]

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Faith Beyond Offense

Publication: Pastoral Letter, April 2002 Dear Friend in Christ: I trust this letter finds you and yours well. This month and next, I want to share with you something that the Lord has placed strongly on my heart; a subject that I believe is of critical importance to us in these days. First, let’s take [...]

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Peace in War

Publication: Pastoral Letter, December 2001 Dear Friend in Christ: Peace on earth seems remote in this day of conflict and tragedy. But it also seemed remote when the angels announced it at Jesus’ birth. Peace on earth has always been confined to those of good will_it is not a promise for the wicked. Peace is [...]

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How Do You Measure Love?

Publication: Pastoral Letter, October 1999 Dear Friend in Christ: I hope you are well this month. In this letter, I want to share about a word that is much misunderstood in our modern society: the word is “love”. Words are the currency of culture. What I mean by that is this: the value of our [...]

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