Purpose and Progress

Publication: Pastoral Letter, October 2006 Dear Friend in Christ: One of my favorite sources of humor is a book entitled, Anguished English, by Richard Lederer, a college professor. In the book, he tells a story about a mother who wrote an absence excuse for her daughter. “Please excuse Harriett for missing school yesterday. We forgot [...]

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Be of Good Courage

Publication: Pastoral Letter, December 2005 Dear Friend in Christ: Thank you for taking time out from your schedule to read this letter. I hope that it will help you understand our times and strengthen you during these days. I noted in an earlier letter that the Lord spoke to me one year ago, saying that [...]

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Heart to Heart

Publication: Pastoral Letter, February 2005 Dear Friend in Christ: Recently, I did a Bible Study on the word “heart.” I was impressed by the many hundreds of references and the biblical significance of the word. In this letter I want to express some of the vital truth regarding that topic and use some personal history [...]

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First Things First

Publication: Pastoral Letter, January 2005 Dear Friend in Christ: Happy New Year! I pray that you and yours had a blessed and joyous Christmas season. Everyone here at CSM sends their love and gratitude for your friendship and faithfulness. In last month’s letter to you, I wrote about the birth of Jesus, the King of [...]

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Take It to the Street

Publication: Pastoral Letter, June 2004 Dear Friend in Christ: I pray that this letter finds you and yours doing well. The times in which we live are among the most tumultuous in history; understanding these times, and the days which are yet ahead, could be a matter of life and death. Do you believe that [...]

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Faith Beyond Offense

Publication: Pastoral Letter, April 2002 Dear Friend in Christ: I trust this letter finds you and yours well. This month and next, I want to share with you something that the Lord has placed strongly on my heart; a subject that I believe is of critical importance to us in these days. First, let’s take [...]

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The Road Home

Publication: Pastoral Letter, February 2001 Dear Friend in Christ: Where do you think the Church is going? It seems to be going in many different directions. Is there a destiny - a purpose, or are we just meandering through history? I believe that there is a time and space and destiny for the Church in [...]

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Seeking the Seekers

Publication: Pastoral Letter, August 1999 Dear Friend in Christ: This month, I want to share something that is strongly on my heart, and I believe is a word from the Lord to all of us. I also want to share some important news. I hope that you are having a good summer. It has been [...]

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