Don Basham

Don Basham (1926-1989) was a teacher, writer, and pioneer who served the Lord in ministry for 48 years. A native Texan, Brother Don was trained as a commercial artist, and in 1951, he entered into ministry, studying at Phillips University Seminary. He was ordained in ministry by the Disciples of Christ in 1955, and pastored churches in the United States in Canada.

Following the physical healing of a close friend, Brother Don and his wife, Alice, experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He became a much sought-after author and speaker; his teachings on healing, family, and spiritual warfare were groundbreaking and insightful.

From the 1960s onward, Brother Don became a pioneer in the Charismatic Movement. His ministry took him across North America and around the world. Among his many top-selling books are Face Up with a Miracle, Deliver Us from Evil, A Handbook on Holy Spirit Baptism, A Manual for Spiritual Warfare, Can a Christian Have a Demon?, Lead Us Not into Temptation, Willing to Forgive, and The Way I See It.

Don Basham was an original contributing author for New Wine Magazine in 1969, but was soon part of the leadership of the publishing company. He was the Editor of New Wine Magazine from 1975 to 1981 and served as Chief Editorial Consultant until it ceased publication in 1986. Don and Alice had five children; his family was not only dear to him, but was a primary inspiration for much of his writing and ministry. He passed away in Ohio in 1989 after influencing millions of Christians, across generations, around the world.