Worship: The Path to Revelation


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Do you want to be transformed by God’s grace and power? It begins in worship. In this all-new edition delivered during the International Worship Institute Conference (with LaMar Boschman) in Dallas, Texas, Bible-Teacher, Charles Simpson shares timely keys to ascending into God’s presence and experiencing the revelation of His nature in our lives…and in the world. A great series for individual believers, pastors, worship leaders, and anyone involved in worship ministry.

Topics include: prerequisites to ascending; keys for seekers; the “When, Who, Why, and How” of worship; four coming changes in the future of the Church that will affect worship; how confession, unity, fellowship, and family affect worship, and much more.

4 CD set includes:

CD 1: Ascending to the Secret Place
CD 2: The Path to Revelation (Part I)
CD 3: The Path to Revelation (Part II)
CD 4: Back to the Future—the Future of the Church in Worship.