Through the Storms

by Stephen Simpson
Publication: One-to-One, Summer 2006


One rule for writers is, “Write what you know.” I seem to be writing (and speaking) a lot about storms lately. Last year, as you are aware, our area was hit with four different tropical storms or hurricanes; one, Katrina, dealt the central Gulf Coast a devastating blow. Of course, storms come in all shapes and sizes; some are of the weather variety and others come in the form of sickness, financial difficulty, conflict, and other trials.

What we have learned in the face of storms, both natural and spiritual, is that not only is Jesus “in the boat” with us, but that He does care for us in the midst of it all. Furthermore, if we can be sensitive to hear His voice, we will learn how to stand with others and bring them peace and strength – even when the winds of turmoil are howling and the waters of fear are rising.

Since Hurricane Katrina struck in late August of 2005, you, our readers, have helped CSM to raise and distribute – directly and indirectly – nearly $300,000 in practical aid and support to those most affected by the storm damage. On behalf of all of those reached, in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, we thank you and we offer praise to God. Even now, some support continues to come in and we are distrib­uting it as the Lord leads. (Any funds designated for Katrina Relief go directly to assist storm victims – these funds are over and above our regular monthly financial needs, which definitely continue as we meet many opportunities worldwide.)

As the article by John Feaver on this page attests, the needs are still great. In fact, CSM is partnering with Covenant Church of Mobile and with Christian Outreach International to help meet some of the specific needs mentioned in John’s article.

Standing together for a great cause is what family is all about, whether we are speaking of natural family or spiritual family. Recently, my friend Bishop Levi Knox made a profound statement: “The Kingdom is extended through covenant relationships.” I believe he is exactly right. As we stand together as the body of Christ, and focus outward on meeting practical needs, we will yet see a great harvest for the kingdom of God.

Storms will come. Scripture and experience tell us this is true. But we have a firm foundation in Christ and in our covenantal relationships together that will bring us through each and every trial. God bless you, and thanks again for standing with us.

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Stephen Simpson

STEPHEN SIMPSON is the Editor of One-to-One Magazine and the Director of CSM Publishing. In addition to publishing ministry, Stephen has served in leadership for churches and ministries in Costa Rica, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Michigan, as well as being the Senior Pastor of Covenant Church of Mobile (2004-2013). He continues to travel in ministry across North America and in other nations.