Creating Culture

Publication: Pastoral Letter, April 2004 Dear Friend in Christ: Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! I pray that this letter finds you and yours doing well. This month, I want to share some thoughts with you concerning present cultural clashes, and how we can have not only hope, but also how we can [...]

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We Are the Sojourners

Publication: Pastoral Letter, January 2003 Dear Friend in Christ: Happy New Year! We are on a journey...like it or not. Time is moving on and the scenery around us is changing rapidly. I pray that our journey is one directed by the Lord and His purpose as we willingly respond to the Holy Spirit. I [...]

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The Essence of Faith

Publication: Pastoral Letter, August 2001 Dear Friend in Christ: The human tendency in regard to history seems to be that we either forget it, rewrite it, or so embellish it with unreality that it is unrecognizable. The postmodern mind seems to toss it out altogether as being useless for our time. For true believers, none [...]

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How Will God Measure Our Lives

Publication:Pastoral Letter, June 2000 Dear Friend in Christ: Greetings in our Lord’s name. I pray that you are progressing and prospering in God’s purpose. There are many ways to measure our lives; one is by years, as in, “I am now 63 years old.” Another way to measure life is by deeds and achievements, as [...]

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