Sons of the Age to Come



In Luke 20:34, Jesus uses this striking phrase: “The sons of this age.” These were people whose mentality had been formed by the current culture. They were like the rich young ruler that Jesus invited as a follower. The choice was to give away the present to gain the future. The young man declined; He was tied to the present.

“Sons of this age” are entangled and captured by the current culture; they may want to follow Jesus but cannot because of some issue that holds them. These are people who fail to realize that what controls them will one day be worthless.

Sons of the age to come are anticipators. They see what is passing away and what is coming. They pray, “Thy Kingdom come”; They are like Abraham who was looking for a city “whose builder and maker is God.” They are never quite comfortable in current culture; they are always looking for God’s work to build something better.

In this powerful, two-part series, Charles Simpson shares how men and women can discern the times…knowing the difference between what is passing away and what endures. Invest in the coming kingdom that is now.