Real Revival



In this series, Charles Simpson shares on the difference between “Cheap” and “real” revival, Biblical and historical instances of revival, the role and controversy of sin and judgement, the keys to real revival, and much more.

“I do not need to convince you that the Church and our nation need a real revival. There are all kinds of indicators, from declining local church involvement to a decline in social conditions. Secular trends and their impact upon the Church-and particularly our youth-should convince us that we have a deep, serious spiritual problem. The question is, “Do we stand by and watch or do we respond?”

“A real revival goes beyond an emotional response to God. It is an extraordinary event that raises the level of ordinary living-a turning from our way to His way. The context for such an event is a moral decline and desperation that motivates people to turn back to God. It seems to me that our present context qualifies. My own purpose is not to evaluate what some have called revival or to be critical of the efforts of others. Rather, it is to become a ‘seeker’ myself and to motivate others to seek God. The path to real revival will not be easy nor the price cheap.”– Charles Simpson

3 MSG set includes:

MSG 1: Real Conditions
MSG 2: Real Revival
MSG 3: Real Results