Ants, Vines, and Churches Book


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The Holy Spirit, our guide, is leading us on a journey…
God is on the move, and He is calling us to move with Him. God’s people are alive and changing. The Church is more than an institution; it is the Body of Christ, and living things change, adapt, and reproduce. The Holy Spirit is here to speak to us and show us the way.

Using organic pictures such as ants and vines, Pastor Charles Simpson draws upon his unique gift to think outside of the box while remaining true to the Scripture. He addresses key questions such as:
How is the Church changing?
How are we adapting to a very different and changing world?
How can we reproduce and multiply in this new environment?
What can Scripture and history tell us about how to live today; about how to function and thrive in a culture that seems hostile to our message?

This is not a manual about the latest Church growth methods – it’s a story about the journey we are traveling. (hardback, 179pgs)