Dear Friend in Christ:

I pray you and yours are having a blessed and happy Summer thus far! We deeply appreciate your prayers and financial support, and all of the love and friendship that represents. Enclosed is the latest personal update audio message from Charles Simpson, which I believe you will find very timely in light of recent events in our nation and in the world. I urge you to hear it in its entirety at your earliest possible convenience. It is brief, but potent.

You’ll also hear up-to-the minute updates on what is happening at CSM Publishing and why “Embracing the Truth with Our lives” is so much more than a slogan. Please prayerfully consider standing with us this Summer and helping us to get the clear and powerful Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom out to a world in great darkness. See the card enclosed for more information and a special offer!

Thank you again for being such a vital part of the CSM team and community!

Yours in Jesus,
Stephen Simpson