Pastoral Letter

Brother Charles Simpson writes a monthly Pastoral Letter, and just like One-To-One Magazine, it is freely sent to those on our mailing list. These timely and personal letters are fresh teachings that offer encouragement and reflect what God is currently speaking to Brother Charles’ heart. Quite often we receive more feedback from this media than from anything else we publish. We have archived these letters here for our online readers. We trust they will minister to you.

Downtown to Suburbs

Publication:Pastoral Letter, April 2019

Dear Friend in Christ:
When I entered the ministry, the largest churches were downtown, on main streets, or on the city square, central to the culture. Now most large churches are in […]

A Heart For the Word

Publication:Pastoral Letter, March 2019

Dear Friend in Christ:
I sincerely pray that you are doing well. This month, we want to pick up where we left off at the end of the February Pastoral Letter. Luke […]

It Is Written

Publication:Pastoral Letter, February 2019
Dear Friend in Christ:

In these beginning weeks of 2019, the Lord has reminded me of the power of His Word. We hear a lot today about “Fake News”, and […]


Publication:Pastoral Letter, January 2019
Dear Friend in Christ:

It is a New Year and I pray that it will be a great one for you!

Yesterday is past; the future is not yet here, and today is […]

The Humble Jesus

Publication:Pastoral Letter, December 2018
Dear Friend in Christ:
This month brings us to the celebration of Jesus’ miraculous birth, “Joy to the World!” It is a joyful season of carols, Christmas trees, giving gifts, family, and […]

Thanksgiving As A Lifestyle

Publication:Pastoral Letter, November 2018
Dear Friend in Christ:
This month in America, we celebrate Thanksgiving to honor God’s Providence in the founding of our nation. Thanksgiving has taken on renewed significance for me personally. In 2014, […]