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WHERE ARE YOU – MESSAGE BY STEPHEN SIMPSON-God knows where we are. Do we? He cares for us, so much more than we realize. If you feel isolated, lonely, weary, or exiled, I pray you will ask, “Where am I? Find your place in God as you step into this new season of life in this encouraging message from Pastor Stephen.

THE TABLE OF RECONCILIATION MESSAGE BY STEPHEN SIMPSON – In a world splintered by tribalism and conflict, reconciliation is needed now more than ever…and it is God’s idea. We are His ambassadors. We don’t go out with our agenda and perspectives. We are not ruled by our own motives. In this timely message centered around Communion, Pastor Stephen Simpson inspires us to engage the most powerful ministry God gives us.

THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF THE WORD SERIESIs the Word of God still relevant in our 21st Century lives? Pastor Stephen Simpson looks at the delivering power of God’s Word through the story of Jesus in the wilderness. What can guide and strengthen us when we are in a “wilderness” experience? Pastor Stephen discusses the renewing, refreshing, transforming power of the Word in life’s most difficult and confusing circumstances. We have access to the same Word and the same Holy Spirit that sustained Jesus Himself! 2 CD SERIES : MSG 1- IT IS WRITTEN MSG 2- A HEART FOR THE WORD

SEEING THROUGH HEAVENS EYESWhat is God doing that we cannot see? Can we have spiritual eyes to see what He is doing and respond accordingly? In this message, Charles Simpson deals with these questions and more.

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